Rifle and Other Ice Conditions 2-3-15

“Where are you ice climbing?”

I’ve heard that question countless times in the past few weeks. With sunny days temperatures that remind people of spring break in the mountains, it was a warm and dry January. But, the ice is still there and in many cases is doing great.

Here’s a quick look at conditions in our area. As usual, give us a call at 970-319-0656 if we can help you out with some ice climbing.

Soul On Ice, January 29, 2015

Soul On Ice, January 29, 2015, in Rifle Mountain Park. The top of this climb has struggled to really take good form.

Lone Tree (aka Upper Ice Cave), January 29, 2015

Lone Tree (aka Upper Ice Cave), January 29, 2015, in Rifle Mountain Park. It’s been hanging in there and seems to be in a day-to-day condition where it may just depend on how cold it was the day or two before as well as how much sun it is getting.

The Final Curtain, January 29, 2015

The Final Curtain, January 29, 2015, in Rifle Mountain Park. The main portion of the Final Curtain has been doing great. The Pleasure Pillar, on the far right, has struggled with sunny days but has been climbed at times. Again, it is more of a day-to-day call on what kind of climbable shape it’s going to be in.

Elsewhere in our area:

Redstone: Hayes (out), Avocado Gully (in), Redstone Pillar (in), The Drool (in but thin). Much of Redstone has struggled with the warm weather of late, particularly if it gets direct sun but there is plenty to do that stays sheltered and stuff like Tomato Chimney looks great. Avocado has been doing wonderful and is in great shape right now although it is in typical thin form. Check out a look at Avocado through January here.

In the Glenwood area, Hidden Falls is reportedly in the worst shape ever for January although it has been getting climbed.

Avocado Gully, February 2, 2015

Avocado Gully, February 2, 2015. In great shape but thin on the crux pitch.

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