Local Ice Conditions 1-5-15

2015 is here and so is the local ice.

Glenwood Falls Far Right Side

Glenwood Falls Far Right Side on New Years Day

After a warm spell in mid-December that seriously hampered our local ice, the holiday season brought a long period cold weather that has been fabulous for the ice. Hence, there is ice to climb all around.

Here’s a brief look at local conditions, sans pictures:

Rifle: Final Curtain is in with the Pleasure Pillar filling in nicely. Soul On Ice is close to being in. The Upper Ice Cave (aka Lone Tree Wall) is also forming well.

Glenwood Canyon: Glenwood Falls and Hidden Falls is in. Mystery Falls looks to still be forming.

Redstone: Things have been changing quickly in Redstone. A number of things are now in, such as Hayes Creek and Redstone Pillar. Some climbs are in but thin like Avocado Gully. A lot of the mixed stuff in Coal Creek is coming into shape while some of the climbs there are still devoid of ice. The Drool’s first pitch is still forming but the second pitch is very doable. Basically, there is ample ice to climb in Redstone.

Glenwood Falls 1-3-15

Glenwood Falls on 1-3-15 with a climber about halfway up. Be careful on this thing if you’re going to climb it mid-day. It’s famous for shedding ice and hurting climbers when the sun hits it!

As always, give us a call at 970-319-0656 if you want to get out on the ice. Happy climbing!

Getting started young

Getting started young


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