Amish vacationers exhilarated by their Glenwood adventure

A couple weeks ago we had an amazing time taking a large group of vacationing Amish out climbing. They took to climbing like pure naturals and had a great energy and spirit about it that was inspiring. Our local newspaper was there to record the day and recount some of the other adventures the group had participated in, which included rafting, paragliding, ATV tours, and more. The Amish were super fun to take climbing and my anxiousness about how to get women in dresses fitted in a harness proved to be nothing because they jumped right in and pulled their dresses up, with their pants on underneath, and harnessed up. They also set a standard for other guests where I sometimes joke with guests, “you know, the Amish ladies cruised this climb,” with a smile on my face.

Read the article here.

Amish climbers in Glenwood Canyon.

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